The Mid-week Music Video Mini-Reviews Round-Up – 6/24/15 – Six Stringed Edition

God bless the guitar. That six stringed instrument of versatility can be found in nearly any genre of music, perhaps only second to the piano in sheer variety of sound and style. The following videos all heavily feature the guitar as the focal instrument, with it being used in country ballads to grungy rap/rock and everything in between.

DANakaDAN – “No Age”

+I haven’t heard a good rock/rap track in a while, this was a refreshing listen… complete with scratching
-Although they were never as polished as DAN is know, this song makes me miss afterschoolspecial

Kina Grannis – “Sorry”

+A soothing, beautiful listen
-This live(ish) rendition doesn’t differ a whole lot from the original

Megan Lee – “Make It Pop”

+These stripped down renditions show off Megan’s talents in a way the heavily produced originals couldn’t
-The songs definitely skew towards a demographic much younger than mine

Kinjaz Dancing to “Handclapping Song (Tropkillaz Edit)” by The Meters

+This beat is so sick. Fantastic choice
-As cool as it was to showcase one member at a time, I wouldn’t have minded some group moves too

Sam Tsui & Friends – “Walking Backwards”

+This country-lite ballad is easy on the ears and a perfect listen for a calm Summer night
-They made the most of the footage but I’ve never been impressed by these Canon portable consumer cameras

Andrew Huang – “1999”

+Huang is a sonic chameleon. I haven’t heard a genre he can’t tackle yet
-This song makes me miss the 90s… and all the alt rock that once ruled the airwaves

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