The Mid-week Music Video Mini-Reviews Round-Up – 7/8/15 – Cultural Exchange Program Edition

Buckle up cause we’re going around the world again for this round-up. Although many of these songs feature a fair amount of English, these tracks were either promoted or intended for a foreign market and audience. That being said, there’s still plenty for us to appreciate. So if you’re ready to switch things up, then I think this is the round-up for you.

Freddy Ruxpin x Antoneus Maximus x KidUNot (Chosen) – “I’m Vietnamese”

+It’s tough to do, but this mostly stays humorous instead of corny
-But I don’t think this is something you’ll bump often. Also, where was the memo that Chosen is now called KidUNot?

eSNa x MAMAMOO – “Ahh Oop!”

+Esna lookin’ & sounding fierce!
-Esna could have easily carried this song on her own, although that rap break was cool

Mikey Bustos – “Filipino Mythical Creatures Rap”

+Entertaining, in an absurd way
-I’m also kind of weirded out… Mikey’s sense of humor is so odd

Snacky Chan x Tablo – “딸바보 (Dummy for my Daughter)”

+Love everything about this release
-No Tablo in the video =(

Han Heejun x Tiffany of SNSD – “QnA”

+Going from a middling finalist on American Idol to collaborating with one of the hottest stars of K-Pop? Not bad.
-Too bad we only got a glorified Lyric Video

Sam Ock x Robert De Boron – “Shine a Light Pt. 5”

+Sam’s collaborations with Japanese artists are always on point
-That JJ ABrams lens flare =_=;

Crown J – “Lolo”

+Somebody out there is still supporting Crown J cause the production values aren’t half bad
-Crown J


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