The Mid-week Music Video Mini-Reviews Round-Up – 7/15/15 – 9 Shades of Rap Edition

Rap & Hip-Hop are pretty versatile and varied art forms, and have branched off in many different directions over the years. Today’s groupings are all rap-heavy songs, but each with a fairly unique sound from the next. Some are dramatic and rock oriented, some are pensive and introspective, some are light and there’s a lot more to expect.

Rocky Rivera – “Godsteppin”

+A strong statement of a return for Rocky
-I got nothing neg to say

DANakaDAN x Priska – “Keep to the Path”

+Dan & Priska should just form a project group together
-I still have mixed feelings about Dan’s unorthodox flow

Chris Cash – “Impossible”

+I like the ever so slight touch of blues
-But that sung hook ain’t quite where it needs to be

Derez & Friends – “That’s Not the Punchline Cypher”

+Derez always brings an aggressive flow
-Although the punches are hit or miss

Lil Crazed x Ant Trax x Yung Jae x Jamillions – “Lay You Down”

+Decent radio friendly pop rap song
-Not particularly memorable

Lyrics Born x Preservation Hall Jazz Band – “That’s It!” (Real People Remix)

+I’m loving the blending of genres, old and new
-Long distance song collaborations are cool, long distance video collaborations – not so much

Gold Rush Kings – “70 Degrees”

+One of my fav drops from GRK
-I wonder who thought it was a good idea to shoot an entire video slightly out of focus

Dumbfoundead – “Coachella”

+A cool usage of a snapchat motif
-Nada. Cool video.

Mike B – “I Got This”

+This is one of my fav styles of hip-hop
-That saturated filter on the video though…



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