The Mid-week Music Video Micro-Reviews Round-Up – 8/5/15 – Costco Bulk Edition

OK, first let me preface by saying this is a “micro” and not a “mini” review round-up. The feedback is even shorter than usual because I’m a little pressed for time today but still wanted to get a batch out. The good news is that we are nearly through the back log, after a couple more of these, I should be able to get back to only the most recent videos with some more in-depth reviews.

Now, this is called the Costco Bulk Edition because it’s a large collection of videos per artists. We only have 3 artists here, but 14 videos. No, we weren’t hoarding them, but these guys tend to release a lot of music so it was hard to keep up!

So without further ado, check out the following if you have a considerable amount of time on your hands. The ratings are by stars (*) with 1 star (*) being that I hated it and a maximum of 5 (*****) meaning I thought it was perfect.

Andrew Huang

“Wandering Star”




“Where’d I Put My Phone?!?”


“Know You”


“Apple Music”



“West End East”


“Around My Way”






“Day One”

Note: Produced by August Rio

“Dumb Out”

Note: Produced by Adrian Per




“Rhythm of My Life”


“Tale of a Have-Not”


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