The Mid-week Music Video Micro-Reviews Round-Up – 8/13/15 – Girl Power Edition

The name of the game today is Girl Power. These are all female fronted acts that bring a lot of energy and passion to their craft. Genres range all across the board, so if variety is the spice of life than this batch is pure picante.

Jessi Malay – “Noises”

+There are times where Jessi seems to be channeling her inner J.Lo
-The video is certainly more memorable than the song

Kaile Goh x Karen Rubyn – “Party All Night”

+The music scene needs more fun pop/rock like this
-That “rap”…. T.T

Archis – “Let Me Love”

+I love how Dia is growing as an artist
-No Dia in the video =(

Kina Grannis – “Maryanne”

+I’m liking the country/pop vibe of the song
-I know it’s a live(ish) take, but the mixing is too muddy for my liking

TOKiMONSTA x Gavin Turek – “Hemisphere”

+I could vibe and chill to this all day
-I legit don’t know how to categorize a visualizer video, so I included it as an MV. So it’s cool to watch but not exactly engaging

Mree – “In the Kitchen”

+Although looping ain’t a new thing, it’s nearly always refreshing to hear
-Where you been, Mree? It’s been too long

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