The Mid-week Music Video Mini-Reviews Round-Up – 8/26/15 – Male Soloist Edition

We gave the females some extra attention a couple weeks ago, so let’s balance things out and focus on the fellas. This week is all about the male solo artists, and they come in the form of rap, pop, experimental and a little bit of rock. Sound like your manly cup of tea? Then by all means, carry on.

Bambu – “Comrades”

+This just may be Bam’s dopest video yet
-Minor, but that drone CGI was mehhh

Gunnarolla – “Canadian Foods”

+This is so inexplicable charming
-But it’s not something I would bump to with any form of regularity

D-Pryde – “Squad”

+It’s cool to see Pryde get so much love at his shows
-Footage is cool, but it woulda been nice to hear live audio too


Derez – “Charisma”

+Derez got so much energy on this track
-The glitchy visual effects and lack of color correction subtly drove me nuts

“Serious Lee”

+Dude is hungrier than ever
-I know a lot of rappers do this now, but that autotune rap style is not my thing

Dawen – “這些花要送給你” (These Flowers Are For You)

+I hate to admit it, but Dawen moving his career overseas has clearly been the right move
-But I still miss the English centered releases


Dru B Shinin – “Wake Up & Dream”

+Dru’s weakest element was always his videos, but not this time. Well done!
-This ain’t a negative now, but it may be in the future… All his future work’s production values will be compared to this

Andrew Huang – “Video Game + Island Music”

+Fun for a little while
-But the appeal wears thin quickly

“Get Ready”

+I dunno if that’s his crib, but he seems to have a pretty sweet apartment
-Creative, but not nearly as much as some of his other works


+I wonder how much money Sony has been throwing at him
-It’s an ad. A cool one at that, but still an ad.


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