The Mid-week Music Video Mini-Reviews Round-Up – 9/16/15 – The All Caught Up Edition

And there it is. After falling behind, we’ve finally juggled both new and old videos alike and have cleared out our backlog. From here on out, you’ll only see the latest videos in our round-up, and we’ll get back to having a more substantial review for each. Not that it matters, does it? You’re probably already subscribed directly to your favorite artists, so what do you care what I say or how I curate? Peace.

J-Reyez – “Lames”

+It amazes me how far JR has come in the production values for his videos
-Minor, but it irks me how he pronounces certain words to force a rhyme

Lyrics Born – “Chest Wide Open” ft David Shaw

+I’m loving the sound of this record. So eclectic and fun.
-That ending… poor guy.

Andrew Huang – “Go Wild”

+Huang has a knack for adding a lot of simple visual flourishes to make his video stand out. Plus it’s easy to forget the guy can spit too
-I don’t really have much negative to say

Pryde – “Nightshift”

+A well balanced track that plays to Prizzy’s strengths
-Whenever I see a musician use beats, I cringe a little

The Slants – “Let the Right One In”

+A pretty cool idea for a video
-But it could have used a slightly faster carousel to fit in more characters

The Slants – “Been Through Hell” ft Gayle Skidmore

+Another video that is intriguing in concept
-But the execution lacks polish and suffers from uneven pacing

Dawen – “不喜歡補習班” (Cram School Sucks)

+I don’t understand a word but this song is so catchy
-This is very superficial of me, but I wasn’t too impressed by the leading lady

Margaret Cho x Peaches – “Dick in the Air”

+I have no idea what to say about this video
-I have no idea what to say about this video


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