The Mid-Week Music Video Reviews Round-Up – 9/23/15

Wow. It’d mid-week and we’re on our way into the earliest stages of Autumn 2015. September is winding down and the 4th quarter of the year will be hear in just a few hours, bringing us that much closer into the second half of the decade. But you know what? Along with the passage of time comes the continued creation of new art, and as is our weekly tradition, we’re bringing you the latest batch of videos from some of the best Asian-American artists. Go ahead, enjoy yourself. We’ll see you next time.

Kero Uno – “Princess Diamond”

Kero One decided to do a little re-branding, from both a sonic and nomenclature standpoint. The juxtaposition of the video plot and sweet electronic pop of the song made for a surprising formula. The video has a lot of potential but doesn’t quite live up to it. Nevertheless, it’s an entertaining way to spend a few minutes and a cool way to consume a great song. Eagle-eyed viewers should look out for the brief Kero appearance.

Alexander Spit x Chidi Himself – “Tequila Mockingbird”

I never fully what to expect when A.Spit drops a video, and this continues with this release. I gotta admit, I’m not sure how I feel in the end. It’s visually arresting for a bit… but then you’re tempted to just quickly fast forward to see what else might happen – which is unfortunate because then you’d be missing out on a dope song. This might be one of those cases where you just view it as a dynamic graphic to promote the track rather than a full-fledged video. Or maybe I just don’t get it.

Yung Koconut x Rekstizzy – “Two Dayz”

Sometimes an artist will drop a video where it outshines the song, but this one is more of the opposite. The spacey, retro effects didn’t do much for me and I was generally uninterested. The song is a pretty chill listen and something of a different sound from the artist formerly known as Furis… but I guess that’s why he’s returned with a new alter ego – Yung Koconut.

Kina Grannis – “Throw It Away”

This is more of a performance MV than a proper full blown production, but the benefit to Kina’s talent is that it sounds just as great live(ish) as it does on a studio track. This is folk-pop in it’s essence, so if you’re a fan of the genre I think you’ll enjoy this… otherwise I dunno if this will change your mind. But on a side note, Kina and her husband look like the poster couple for American Apparel/Pinterest/ACME Mason Jar Manufacturing Inc.

Nylon Pink – “Snap Crackle Pop”

I kept this one near the end since it’s an LV and needs to be judged on a different set of criteria. It’s pretty well put together and well fitting for the song’s bubble-gum pop style. That Andy Milonakis rap verse was a lot more tolerable than I thought it’d be. If you like your music in an ADHD, earworm Pop, Cheerleaders & Pop-Tarts kinda way, then this ain’t half bad. I’ll admit I had it on replay a couple times.

Ryan Mitchell Grey – “Knock Off”

With our second and last lyric video, we have some new tunage from Ryan Mitchell Grey. It’s good to hear new material from the guy, and appreciated that he’s kept his sound modern with some light infusion of retro electro-pop elements. I also appreciate the decision to take live footage and pair it with some simple typography. It made for a good watch and listen alike.


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