The Mid-Week Music Video Reviews Round-Up – 11/4/15

Another week, another Wednesday. Here at a-Tunes, we like to close out humpday with a round-up of the latest music videos. We’ve got just over a half dozen to share with you today, with the line-up skewing more Hip-Hop than not. If you’re not crazy about the genre, not to worry, as there a few selections in this list from other styles as well.

J. Lately x Shark Sinatra – “Breathe”

Even if they are small, creative flourishes can go a long way. For instance, the one shot(ish) long take style of much of this video is oddly captivating even if the subject matter is mostly standard. Smooth editing, nice visual touches, and a decently strong song make this a pretty dope release all the way around.

Brevner – “Waterloo (The Jitters Story)”

One thing that rap needs more of now-a-days is good ol-fashioned-beef. Admittedly, I don’t really follow the Toronto hip-hop scene, but apparently something carnivorous has been brewing in the slow cooker and is coming to a boil. Seeing as I don’t have the context behind this song and video, I can’t attest to whether or not it’s hard hitting… but either way it makes for some good, aggressive rap with a vendetta – and I can appreciate that.

Alexander Spit x Hodgy Beats x Pell – “Marcianos”

I’ll approach this from two distinct approaches. On one hand, the song is a nice representation of A. Spit’s strengths – a gritty but honest delivery paired over mid-tempo, decidedly underground yet polished beats. It vibes well with my inner Hip-Hop head. The video on the other hand is a bit harder to define and judge. It’s more of an art house, mixed media video collage type of visual. If you get it, great; otherwise welcome to the club.

Gunnarolla – “Promise”

Visually, it’s a bit more style over substance – though there isn’t necessarily anything wrong with that for this indie, 80’s influenced brand of synth pop. Gunna continues to impress me with his versatility. Although, I do wish he got someone with a Lauren Mayberry-esque voice to feature and really add some pizzazz to the track. I wonder when’s the next time we’ll get a complete body of work from Gunnarolla as opposed to hearing music piecemeal, one track at a time.

Andrew Huang – “James Bond”

I love how Huang doesn’t take himself too seriously – it allows him to do whatever the heck he wants with his art, including a conceptual rap track all about the James Bond franchise. It’s not exactly a Youtube, viral quality video but for any fan of rap and MI6’s top fictional agent, it’s more than worth the watch. Andrew’s experimental one-offs are better than some artists’ main singles.

August Rigo – “Versions”

That retro, VHS style of visual seems to be a growing trend now a days but I’ve seen it done much better than this before. It’s still too sharp of footage, with not enough imperfections and a lazy grain filter thrown over top. Needless to say, it’s not a bad video but it doesn’t live up to the premise it sets for itself. In stark contrast, however, is the song which is a fantastic example of August’s strengths as an R&B/Pop singer and I look forward to bumping this in the weeks to come. That reggae infused bounce and his unique upper register make for an infectious song.

Kim Edwards – “The Sweetest Sound”

This is the first I’ve seen and heard from Kim Edwards, though I’m not exactly why I haven’t come across her material before. This particular entry is a decent entry into the singer/songwriter space though it didn’t quite blow me away. The song builds up to a nice crescendo, something the video fails to do. I’m intrigued and look forward to keeping tabs on her work.

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