The Mid-Week Music Video Reviews Round-Up – 12/16/15 – Rekstizzy x Awkwafina, Z. Woods, Dumbfoundead, XL Middleton

The past week has actually been a little lighter in the video release schedule, which is nice as it frees up some time for me to catch up on a few other things and projects. But I still had to do my due diligence and check out the latest from the handful of artists who dropped a video recently. And as you’ve come to expect, I’ve included my two cents on each clip – what’s it worth to you? Probably not a lot if you factor in the exchange rate and inflation and side fees.

That was a terribly half-arsed attempt at humor. Whatever. Enjoy the videos.

Rekstizzy x Awkwafina – “Allergic to Cats”

If you’re someone like me who finds humor in absurdity, this video is made just for you. This isn’t an actual single, but more of an exercise in blending giggles with internet pop culture. That being said, seeing Awk and Reks should probably team up and do some official work together. In fact, they could call themselves Awks & Reks. If they are reading this, please contact me on how to venmo a payment for that brilliant name.

Z. Woods – “Lussekatt”

I don’t speak or understand Swedish, but a google search yielded the following. I’m not sure I’ve ever had a saffron bun, or if saffron bun is a euphemism for something else entirely, but I do know this is indeed “the sexiest song about the Swedish holiday pastry ‘Lussekatt’ that you have ever heard”. Those are Z’s words, not mine – but he’s 100% correct. The video is nothing much to look at but this song makes me hungry, in a sexy kinda way. Saffron buns are the new aphrodisiac.

Dumbfoundead x Loopy x Nafla – “미장원”

This may be the grimiest video ever premiered by ISAtv. Dumb brings over some pals from the homeland for some international Hip-Hop. Everything is par for the course except there are some surprising lipsync miscues here and there. Other than that, its a darker sounding track that fits in with the current Hip-Hop sound with a standard type video to match. There’s a fun cameo from Reks towards the end, so don’t miss that.

XL Middleton – “You Know It’s True”

XL continues to stick with his retro-funk type of visual. It looks straight ripped off a VHS from the 80s and 90s, other than the fact that it’s still in widescreen format. Like his past couple video releases, I’m much more fond of the song over the visual – simply because it holds up better in replayability. The videos, while humorous, do start to get old by the time we reach the halfway point.

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