Just ‘Cause: The Most Adorable Kid Dancers Ever

Happy New Year, dear faithful readers! I know updates were sparse the past couple weeks, but everyone needs a break, including yours truly. We have a lot of catching up to do but there is always time for that later.

For now, just enjoy this ridiculously adorable clip of two young Japanese dancers doing some choreo to “SUKI KIRAI” by Rin and Len Kagamine.  During my admittedly brief internert search, I couldn’t find out who exactly the dancers were… but I guess it doesn’t detract from their undeniable cuteness.

This clip is actually a couple years old and there’s no reason we’re sharing this other than to start off our first post of the new year on a light hearted note. Sometimes we all need dancing kids in animal onesies to brighten up our day!

Happy (belated) 2016 to you all!

Why? Just ‘Cause.

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