The Mid-Week Music Video Reviews Round-Up – 1/7/16 – Liane V, Jin, 28K, Jae Jin, Stevie Hoang, Jennifer Chung

So it’s been a couple weeks since our last MWMVRRU post, as we decided to take it easy during the holidays. And it looks like we weren’t alone as there actually weren’t a superfluous amount of videos to catch up on since we left off. Artists are people too, after all, and we all need some time to rest and recharge! But let’s not let the first week of the new year pass by without us covering the following videos and setting us up to hit the ground running in the new year!

Liane V – “Counting Down”

Even though the entirety of this video is shot at the light installation at LACMA, the interesting cinematography makes pretty good use of the limited location. The entire package is impressively unified from the sinister (albeit trendy) production, the dark make up & outfit, and the twisted angles make for a semi-menacing experience. I enjoyed this one and it would seem that the only thing that may be lacking is for a rap feature to jump on and kill that beat. Let’s hope this is a sign of the quality to come from Liane in the future.

Jin – “2016 Hiphop Census Cypher”

This actually seems to be apart of an ongoing contest, where you can find more information on the video page itself. Although this particular cypher didn’t get me HYPE, I always got love for Hip-Hop heads just wanting to spit bars. There’s a good mix of styles here, some you’ll like, some you’ll pass over, but in the end it’s alla bout flexing some talent and having fun with some like-minded individuals. But after watching the clip and seeing the line-up, I wonder if a pre-requisite for this group of rappers is that you can’t weigh more than 130 pounds, soaking wet.

28k (Tim Flu Maravich & Pa$$) – Million$

Eh, neither song nor video are for me. Editing is stylish but is comprised of cookie-cutter rap video footage. Like, if someone made stock footage specifically for rap videos, this is exactly what you’d find. Also, I’m not a fan of that everything-sounds-like-I’m-drunk-and-underwater type of vibe. Also, I’m confused why Flu and Pass (now known as Tim Flu Maravich & Pa$$ – collectively 28k) choose to tweak their aliases every 9-12 months. I’ve heard better from both of these guys, so I’m hoping for more from their next group effort.

Jae Jin – “Wild Creatures”

JJ decided to promote one of the stronger tracks from his album. I’m glad this got the video push and in general it’s stronger than his last. My only gripe is that quasi-soap-opera-high-frame-effect aesthetic in some of the scenes – not sure if it’s intentional. Not much really happens but it’s pretty look at, just like the leading lady. Speaking of looks, it appears Jae is rocking the Phil Deville from Rugrats aka the Macklemore look now. This is certainly worth at least one watch and multiple listens.

Stevie Hoang – “Shadow”

Stevie tends to stick his lane and continues to churn out those late 90s/early 00s style Pop ballads. And that’s fine by me, as he does them pretty well. It’s nice to see a switch up in video format that doesn’t include his goofy artwork. All this to say, this still makes for better background music than an active viewing experience. The song has actually grown on me after a couple listens – so this may become an underrated sleeper favorite for some of you.

Jennifer Chung x The Fu – “The Reason This Season”

OK, this is late. The Christmas tree is a dead giveaway. But we’d be remiss if we don’t include new releases from Jennifer Chung, especially since she’s been one of the artists we’ve been covering since day one. Both song and video are pretty good, though hardly superlative. But in general, that’s kind of the status quo for Christmas themed pop music (unless you’re Mariah). Probably the best part of the video are the less-scripted moments where the artists are goofing off and just enjoying the moment. And it’s nice to see JC still working with Tony T after all these years.

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