The Mid-Week Music Video Reviews Round-Up – 1/27/16 – Kevin Kaho Tsui, Steve Aoki, J. Lately, Kinjaz, Poreotics

Can you believe it’s already the last week of January? Our next MWMVRRU will be in February and we’ll already be a twelfth through the 2016! As for the here and now, it seems a lot of artists took a collective week off but we’ve got a few entries to share with you, along with some new dance vids by Kinjas and Poreotics. And for the third week running, we’ve chosen our video of the week, which you’ll find immediately below.

VOTW: Kevin Kaho Tsui – “深水埗 Sham Shui Po”

Over the past year or so, Kevin has been waxing poetic on various cities and areas in Hong Kong & Asia, inviting us into a glimpse of the culture through his folk/pop music. With this song I think he’s nearly perfected this niche craft and the best way I can describe him is as the Asian version of Sufjan Stevens a la Illinois. If you allow the music and video to sit and linger, you start to understand and grow an appreciation for his art. In a world of fast-food media consumption, this is something of a welcome change of pace. That’s why it’s our Video of the Week.

Steve Aoki – “The Power of Now”

Point Break, the 2015 remake of the 1991 film of the same name, did not do terribly well in theaters this past winter but the overall consensus was that the stunts were great and the movie was more of a glorified collection of red bull/X-Games style of shots that were loosely tied together by a bad plot. Well this music video for Aoki’s “Power of Now” (featured in the film) includes a ton of the stunt footage so you get to view high-octane visuals with music to match. Not a bad deal.

J. Lately x Della – “All About You”

There isn’t a lot to look at here, but it plays off it’s simplicity well. And in all honesty, it’s probably for the best as the real strength of this particular Music Video is the music itself. I’m loving the interplay between J and Della, with the contrasting voices, style, and heart. I always appreciate when an artist takes their material all the way through conceptual fruition.


“Can’t Kills Us”

“How I Feel”


“Drop the Game”


“Don’t Belong”

“Pop Thieves”

Poreotics – “Bad Decisions”

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