The Mid-Week Music Video Reviews Round-Up – 4/20/16 – Us the Duo, J. Han x Sam Ock, DANakaDAN x Jun Sung Ahn, Joules x Jennifer Chung, Yung Koconut, Kinjaz

Although I missed last week, there was a surprisingly manageable amount of videos to catch up on for this review round-up. My day job has kept me busy but it’s nice to unwind and watch the latest (and sometimes greatest!) from some our favorite Asian-American artists. So don’t let me keep you from checking out this week’s batch of videos. We’ll start you off with our pick for Video of the Week by the lovely and talented, Us the Duo.

[VOTW] Us the Duo – “(Stop) Just Love”

It’s exciting to see Us to Duo go from singing covers on Vine to full-fledged productions like this one. Usually I’m a bit apathetic when presented with a studio MV, but this one has enough character and charm to match the bluesy pop-rock song that it accompanies. The style may stray a little from the younger demographic that popularized the group on social media, but that’s personally A-OK for this 30+ year old.

J. Han x Sam Ock x Promise – “Miles Away”

This just may be JH’s most polished track yet. The AMP rapper has shown a lot of artistic growth since his start and it’s dope to see his sound evolve over the years. The features from his Good Fruit Co cohorts are a welcome addition and all around we get a strong track with a picturesque (if uneventful) video. One could definitely do worse.

DANakaDAN x Jun Sung Ahn – “Alive”

This is one of those productions that have some promise on paper but the execution just didn’t quite pull it off. DAN’s weaknesses as a lyricist are exposed in this track with his uneven flow, Jun Sung Ahn’s verse felt over produced, and the various elements of the beat oscillate between blending and clashing. The video is just OK, too not much to complain or praise. I can’t say I feel too strongly one way or another about this one.


Joules x Jennifer Chung – “Rotate” (Remix)

Joules tends to try to push the envelope with his craft, experimenting with sounds and textures and adding them to his decidedly underground hip-hop vibe. Sometimes it works better than others and in this case, despite some rough qualities, this seems to be a pretty enjoyable effort. The split screen video isn’t always the sharpest, but it remains dynamic enough to be engaging. And anytime we get to see and hear the former Youtube sweetheart, Jennifer Chung, is a welcome event.

Yung Koconut – “Droppin'”

I’ve gotta be honest with you and admit that I think I prefer Furis over Yung Koconut. Sure, his newer sound is more current and radio friendly, but the aesthetics of this type of sound are somewhat lost on me. That being said, the song has a slightly hypnotic, catchy quality that is hard to quantify and slowly grows on you. As for the visual, I find it amusing that after years of chasing pristine quality, we’re now at a time where it’s trendy to intentionally degrade the video in going for a nostalgic style. But hey, it mostly works.



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