The Mid-Week Music Video Reviews Round-Up – 05/04/16 – Mike-Dash-E, Perlo, Verseatile, Jannine Weigel, Kinjaz

So I didn’t procrastinate and made sure I kept up with the MV reviews this week, and that means we have a shorter list than expected to share with you. But that’s ok, because thankfully this isn’t a reflection of quality – only quantity. The former is here in spades and a great way to check it out is with our pick for Video of the Week, Mike-Dash-E.

[VOTW] Mike-Dash-E – “Same Fit”

After following MDE for years, I’d say he’s getting to the point where he’s found the perfect balance for his sound. The soulful, organ-backed production is a great background to his passionate but mid-tempo delivery. The video, while nothing crazy on a technical level, is more than fair accompaniment to the song – aside from the weird glitchy effect the use in the beginning and end. I’m liking this one.

Perlo (mree x Henri Bardot) – “Masters”

If the essence of anthropologie were to be put in a music video, it’d probably look a lot like this. mree refered to Perlo as her “dream-folk” side project and there’s really no better way to label it. This is like meditation set to music – like drinking fair-trade organic white tea while sitting in an Epsom salt bath type of calm. I can’t say I’ll remember this video at the end of the year, but I enjoyed it for what it is.

Verseatile – “Car Tunez”

This video ain’t perfect, but it’s got a certain sensible charm that’s hard to deny. The whole bit with the cassette tape is borderline fondly nostalgic/forced sentimentality but this is otherwise a decent MV to a catchy tune. Verse has proven he has a decent singing voice, but I’m glad his main gig is rapping as it’s def his stronger skill of the two. And it was dope to see Shogunna in the unexpected cameo!

Jannine Weigel – “Finish Line”

It’s a lyric video – nothing much to say. I’ve seen better and I’ve seen worse. But the track ain’t bad, despite some occasional sound similarities to Justin Bieber’s “Sorry”.



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