The Blue Scholars Release the “Seijun Suzuki” MV

This is the latest MV from Seattle’s hip hop favorites, Blue Scholars. The track is “Seijun Suzuki”, from their Cinemetropolis album. I haven’t checked it out myself but I’ll be sure to share my thoughts once I have. [update] Clean, stylistic cinematography that matches the decidedly off-centre content of the song. The incorporation of Samurai swords was […]

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Blue Scholars Perform for Knocksteady

Dumb and company put on a podcast series called Knocksteady live, and last week featured Seattle’s Hip-Hop duo the Blue Scholars. They came through to interview, perform, and just plain chill. You can plain DL the entire podcast on iTunes but for your A/V pleasure they’ve posted up the footage from the live in-studio performance. […]

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