Blue Scholars Debut the MV for “Anna Karina”

The latest cut off of Cinemetropolis (2011) by the Blue Scholars to get the music video treatment is the single “Anna Karina”. There’s nothing fancy about the clip, rather it’s just a simple visual interpretation of the music – from one art form to another. You can read more about the video along with some of the credits below. But for now, just enjoy the watch.

Anna Karina is distinct for making eye contact with you as you watch her in a film acting as a character who is aware that she is acting in a film. No big deal in movies nowadays, but in the pre-postmodern 1960s, it was some crazy shit. A powerful act made from a powerless situation. On one hand, she breaks down the biggest wall in her art form and demands you to acknowledge her. On the other hand, her every movement is dictated by a director and his demands. In Anna’s case, Jean-Luc Godard, whose films I gained an appreciation for through the young homie Matt Jay.
We met Matt when he was in high school in Portland and kept in touch while he was studying film in NYC. It was after he wrote about some Godard film on his blog that I saw Vivre Sa Vie, which was the film that replayed most in my head when I wrote Anna Karina. So it only made sense that Matt, the guy who hipped me to Anna Karina, be the one to direct the video for the song Anna Karina, inspired by Anna Karina herself, and shot masterfully in a single take at the Ace Hotel (New York).

Directed by Matt Jay
Cinematography by Patrick Scola
Produced by Tessa Travis
Location: Ace Hotel New York
Men’s Wardrobe: Brooklyn Tailors

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