The Throwback Covers Youtube Round-Up

Hello again. Today we have batch of throwback covers for your listening/viewing enjoyment courtesy of our artists and their Youtube accounts. Now, when we say throwback we mean songs that have to be well over a decade old. So anything pre-2000 goes, definitely nothing newer. Now, it’s be expected that some will appreciate some songs […]

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Lily Bee Sings About “Home”

This is a quick performance clip of Lily Bee’s “Home” from her 2010 Daydream at Midnight album. It’s signature Lily with a soothing guitar and her trademark warm but raspy vocals. If you’re in the Southwest and interested in seeing the artist live then you’re in luck because she’ll be touring in your area this month. Check […]

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The Holiday Cover Round-Up Part 5

Less than a week left til Christmas… bring on the covers! It’s our 5th Holiday round-up with appearances by Lily Bee, Jayesslee, Kat Badar, TNB, Erin Kim, Megan Lee, and Verseatile. Get your egg nog ready and munch on some candy canes cause there’s a good amount of music here. Enjoy! Lily Bee Covers “A […]

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Check Out Lily Bee’s “Honeymoon”

Artist Lily Bee rounds out her performance video series with another original, this one’s called “Honeymoon”. This one is a relatively newer piece, written within the past year. In fact, this is something of a debut! The setting for the visual is in sunny Long Beach, California. And… no, Snoop does not make a cameo […]

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