Lily Bee Shares a Demo of “Stardust”

Lilian Bui, better known to most of you as Lily Bee, is gearing up to record and release a new album – and as part of the process, she’s put together a few demos to help set the foundation for the new project. The first audible glimpse is in the form of a song called “Stardust”, a rather sleepy, calming song that serves as a perfect fit for the singer’s jazzy vocals. Keep in mind, it’s a demo version, so the quality isn’t super polished, but it gives you a good idea of where things are headed. You can DL the demo from her soundcloud.

We’re all made of stardust
Big and fragile as the earth’s crust
Floating true and free
Like a reverie
Your eyes
Are really made from the same stars as mine
How they twinkle through space and time
And my love will burn
‘Til to dust we return

One spark
However brief between two worlds of dark
Pulsing fervently in my heart
Like a memory
That you gave to me

Did you know that they call me a dreamer?
Did you know we left it up to chance?
We’re in orbit, you and I
Waltzing through the skies
Constellation of a cosmic romance

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