Hello world!

Welcome to the grand opening of aTunes!

The purpose and ultimate scope of this site is still a little open however I do at least have a loose theme to hold it all together. In case you havent guessed already, aTunes is a contrived play off of iTunes. The ‘a’ stands for Asian. That’s right, Yellow People Music (or YPM for short). Yes, trite, I know but oh well you can shut your face =).

Although there are a ton of websites and blogs that show case all of the korean, japanese, chinese, whatever-else-nese music out there, there is none that I know of that also incorporates the growing number of asian-american artists here in the states. The closest site that comes to mind is AznRaps but even that is limited by genre. Being an asian “artist” myself (insert shameless plug: www.GiftedThought.com) I take huge interest in the Yellow People Music haha.

This site in no way intends to be a one-stop-shop for all asian music news, showcases, media, etc. That would be simply impossible for me to attempt to cover. Instead aTunes will simply highlight anything and everything I find noteworthy. It’s editorial control at it’s best. We’ll see how this goes.

Anyways, without further ado I invite you to enjoy, spread the word, and support the music.

P.S. A lot of the above will be reiterated in the About section.

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