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So I thought I’d kick off the first post (besides the intro) with some very exciting news. Brown Eyes, a k-pop staple of the early 2000’s is set to return June 19th after disbanding 5 years ago. Although they only released two albums before going their seperate ways (due to disagreement with management), their debut single (벌써 1년 [Already One Year]) became an instant classic in the k-pop world.

Catch their questionably laughable promotional ad after the break!

Ignoring their interesting ad here’s a little background info. They debuted in 2001 with a (then) somewhat novel approach of being “faceless” musicians. With an industry becoming increasingly focused on appearance and on stage perfomances, the quality of music began to stagnate and even suffer as it took a backseat to flash and lip-sync filled visual appeal. Brown Eyes opted to not participate in any of the popular “live” music shows and even did not feature in their own music video. Instead their MV used a story driven narrative played out by professional actors. Their approach seemed to work despite conventional wisdom and their debut single caught on like wildfire.

After gaining much popularity they were even selected to particpate in the official Korea/Japan 2002 World Cup Theme song along with Lena Park and Japanese singers Chemistry and Sowelu.

The released a follow-up album in much the same fashion as their first, only to have their promotional activities cut short as tensions with the management ultimately led to the disbandment of the group.

Neither member of Brown Eyes was a new-comer to the music industry with Naul part of the flop r&b group ‘Anthem’ and Yoon Gun a member of the Hip-Hop/R&B group ‘Team’. Anthem failed to find any success while Team managed to ride the late 90’s Hip-Hop surge to mild success.

Post Brown Eyes, Yoon Gun went on to release numerous solo albums as did Naul under the restructured and renamed trio, Brown Eyed Soul. While both have pushed forward with their careers to a degree, neither has been able to achieve the same fanfare as when they were a duo. Their comeback leaves a lot of room for dissapointment but should be still heavily anticipated.


벌써 1년 [Already One Year] 

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Bonus Media!:
Yoon Gun’s old group: Team – 별

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