Hyori Contradicts Herself

So the big KPOP story making the rounds on the blogosphere the past day or so has been the leaking of Hyori’s promotional material for her upcoming album. Big deal, people get to see a quick 30 second advert and some promotional photos before her management intended them too.

The material is nothing new for hyori and continues to glorify her sex-symbol status in Korea however I had two overbearing thoughts after the whole ordeal. (Thoughts and photos after the break)

One being, Hyori has flat out contradicted a recent statement she made in an interview.

Now that I’m 30 years old, I don’t think the sexy image suits me,” the 30-year-old revealed. “I want to be able to present myself with a different image… a more comfortable one.”
Source: AllKPop

However, after viewing the material it seems clear that this did not happen. Is this the result of a flip-flopping diva or of a management in total control of her career? I’m actually willing to give Hyori the benefit of the doubt and am leaning to believe that she is merely the puppet of management company who will stop at nothing to keep her as a top status in terms of popularity and cash flow.

Secondly, are these music/entertainment companies filled with PR reps and graphic designers that know english and have a wicked sense of humor or is the staff really that foolish and unaware to throw in English phrases that they think are pop culturally relevant? I mean whose idea was it to use Hyori to tell people to Blaze Up? HAHA

You be the judge.

Source: Popseoul
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