Flowsik, Decipher, Shogunna, Reign Era – About That Money MV

Here’s the fresh new video from Flowsik, Decipher, Shogunna, and Reign Era. It’s there new collaborative single ‘About That Money’. It’s great to see some of today’s most relevant artists in the asian american hip hop community coming together and putting out some fantastic material.

Three of the four artists in this video are artists featured in The List.

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Check after the jump for my personal take on the single/video.

So here’s my personal two cents on “About That Money”.

One, let me be the first to say that hip-hop songs about stuntin and full of street talk and braggadocio is typically not my favorite. Not to say I hate it, rather I just dont appreciate it as much.

However, I have to say that this single is very well done. The beat by X-Facta isn’t something that makes me jump outta my seat, but its definately more than servicable. What’s more important is the three emcee’s on this track completely and utterly killed it. I think I would have switched the line up a bit and have Shogunna open, Flowsik in the middle and DC close it but regardless they each definately did their thing.

I gotta add I think Decipher overall outshined everyone. I find that interesting especially since he hasn’t put out as much of this type of material before yet he seemed completely comfortable with it.

However, the hook nearly ruined the track for me. The first time I heard the hook after Flowsik’s verse, I thought “ok, ok not bad”, but it got old QUICK. I think a stronger hook would have made this track exponentially better. Reign Era’s Ja Rule-esque swagger wasn’t doin it for me.

The video made the track a lot more enjoyable. It was very well done, with pretty commendable production values for an independent piece. I think it would have been good to see the artists all together in at least ONE shot but maybe that’s just me. And lastly… Shogunna had some cracked out crazy eyes in this video. Like he was about to wild out and smack somebody haha.

Anyways closing thoughts.
Strong single with very strong emcee’s held back by a mediocre hook. The video was very well done and helped strengthen the presentation of “About That Money” as a whole.

This track and video is definately aTunes approved.


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