Movement 4 Released!!!

The Movement Crew, Korea’s elite Hip-Hop collection has finally released the fourth version of their respected series of collaborations. This one seemed to pass under the radar as it was released on Bizzy’s debut album. Bizzy is one of the newer members of the movement crew and hasn’t fully established himself beyond his usual role as Tiger JK’s hypeman/DJ Shine replacement so its really no surprise this track hasn’t received more recognition.

This fourth release includes: Sean2Slow, Mithra Jin (Epik High), Eun Jin Won, Tiger JK, Bizzy, Double K, Dok2, Bobby Kim (Buga Kingz), Tasha, Choiza(Dynamic Duo), Gary (LeeSsang), Tablo (Epik High), Juvie Train (Buga Kingz), Gan-D (Buga Kingz), TopBob(TBNY), Yankie (TBNY), Gaeko (Dynamic Duo)

MP3’s and more after the jump!

The Movement Crew was started by Drunken Tiger and includes a collective of like-minded hip-hop musicians in Korea. They consistenly put out mostly great releases and their mega-collaborations have received much fanfare. Very few other artists, if any, have had such a large impact on the modern Korean Hip-Hop music industry.

The line-up has shifted a bit from song to song over time. Most notably Kim Jin Pyo was never featured after the first Movement song.

Click here for all the movement tracks released thus far.
(My personal favorites are still the 2nd and 3rd ones)

Bonus Media:

Movement I

7 thoughts on “Movement 4 Released!!!

  1. so glad tablo could get with drunken tiger and this album is such a force
    i mean epik high, dynamic duo, drunken tiger, tbny, double k, dok2


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