Two Cents: Uhm Jung Hwa is a Cougar

Uhm Jung Hwa, one of Korea’s first successful actress turned pop singer turned actress, has recently come back with her new single Disco featuring Big Bang’s TOP. My initial thoughts when reading about the collaboration on paper was, “OK Uhm Jung Hwa just wants a popular feature so she chose someone from Big Bang”. However, after watching the video my first thought was “Wow, could she be  any more of a cougar?” Given it wasn’t too intense, but she was getting kind of cozy with somone nearly 20 years her junior.
Note: UJH was born in 1969, TOP in 1987.

More power to her I guess.

More thoughts and the video after the jump.

My other thought was, I can’t even remember what Uhm Jung Hwa used to look like, she’s been through so many phases and faces.

I can’t really hate too much though. Appearances aside, she has been a surprisingly successful KPOP singer despite her middling (at best) talent. Good, catchy, song choices, usually interesting (if not somewhat provocative) styles/images, and a decent acting career has helped her keep afloat through the years with a startling amount of longevity in a sea filled with similar entertainers.

Anyways the new single is kind of all over the place. It’s catchy enough if not repetitive. TOP’s feature is solid but nothing ground breaking. Visually/stylistically the video is a bit weird with a fusion of mostly 80’s mixed in with a tad late 70’s imagery. The song also has a very 80’s vibe, continuing the trend in most POP music today. It’s all a bit ironic considering the song is called Disco, yet there is very little Disco sound or era influence.

I just wonder how comfortable TOP is getting close with someone who could very conceivable have been his Mom.

Also UJH isnt helping the cougar label when she performs with dancers like these:

image source:popseoul

3 thoughts on “Two Cents: Uhm Jung Hwa is a Cougar

  1. the guy on the left..his torso is LOVE!!! but they are ugly as hell. especially, the guy on right.
    (the left guy reminds me sorta of the clueless one in coffee prince^^…min yup?)

  2. WOW! That’s a really mean and conceited thing for you to have said! I really don’t see how age should be a restriction to how you act or dance !

    Oh… And you don’t need to ‘guess’ when saying ‘more power to her’!

    Also… ‘appearances aside’?!? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? she looked smoking hot in that music video….

    All you sound like is someone deeply jealous

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