FM Animal Online Release Party Tonight

Taken from their official press release:

On Tuesday night, November 25th, hip hop group Far East Movement will be teaming up with Stick as they present their innovative idea to host the first ever online album release party. With the expansion of technology in music, artists such as Far East Movement have been taking available resources to another level to further reach out and share their music. As the group’s sophomore album, “ANIMAL” is set to be released on November 25th, the group takes the humdrum of a typical album release party out of the clubs, and instead, bring the party to all their fans worldwide. A smart move on the group’s end, the party can be viewed anywhere as they debut the whole album with a live performance for their fans; many who are underage and would not be able to attend a nightclub release party. Lined up with surprise guest appearances, giveaways and exclusive album pre-sales, the party becomes interactive and can be enjoyed at the comfort of the viewers’ own home, perfect for the current economy. The party is free of charge and can be viewed through the group’s website or directly on Stick For further information, please visit and join the group as they count down for the first ever online album release party.

Also as of TODAY, Animal is available for presale at:

11-26-08 ..1AM
OK so the live webcast of the party just wrapped… I stayed up for it on the east coast so its about 1 AM now. I missed the first 10 minutes of the show but here are my thoughts. (after the jump)

  • It got better as time progressed. Energy levels were a bit low initially, at least from what I could tell over the webcam but they gradually picked up. The turning point of the show was probably when they performed “Dance Like Michael Jackson”
  • The venue was a bit on the smaller side, so it was a little more intimate of an atmosphere. It’s hard to get people moving in small groups but eventually FM did it. These guys perform with a ton of energy and sooner or later its contagious.
  • They freaked the vocoder like T-Pain on life support. It was hit or miss but added an interesting live element.
  • The merchandise give aways and trivia was an interesting idea to keep participation up online and live but I think it killed the momentum.
  • DJ Virman’s videogame scratch set was sick.
  • I was really hoping a guest performer was gonna come through like Jin or Quest Dance Crew or even crazier.. Baby Bash but all good. The set was still entertaining.

Overall it was an interesting effort to to do a live webcast of the album release party. I think it worked in some ways and not so much in others. There’s a lot to learn and I think it can be tweaked to be a really great way to reach out to artists across the globe. Let’s face it, when you’re indie you gotta reach your fans anyway you can. In the end, I’d say it was a success though. I saw 500+ viewers were tuned in at any given moment so props to FM. I look forward to the album.

Anyways I got work in the morning so peace. aTunes outtie.

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