New Uptown video released for 흑기사

The video for Uptown’s latest reincarnation (now featuring Maniac, Chan, and Swings along with long standing member Chris Jung) was released last week.

It’s a pretty standard video really. Although I was somewhat impressed with Chan’s ability to flow in Korea. Although I’ll be 100% honest and say I felt his stateside releases a lot more. This just seems too… polished and commercial. But I know he’s never had such mainstream backing before with a wide-scale launch and video to boot so I dunno if I can blame the guy for just tryna make it out there.

But Maniac and Swings got a nice flow. And why the heck does Chris look like he’s 80 and about to die? I know he’s older but still. Does not look healthy.

The video also features some krump dancers that have been floating around the KPOP industry. I think I’ve seen them in Clazziquai and Masta Wu videos and in some live performances.

And just a random thought, this is an above average sized group. Not number wise, just purely physically. They look like they could murder any other scrawny KPOP group out there HAHA. Put Maniac and Chan next to G-Dragon and TOP and tell me who you think would win in a scrap.

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