Maniac Interviews w/ Half Korean

Some of you may not be as familiar with Maniac, an MC most recently known for being part of the re-incarnated UPT (Uptown) along with Chan & Swings. The group has since dissolved (again) but through this new interview with HK you can learn a little bit about the artist – including his upbringing, family, […]

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Uptown repackages album w/ new single

New Uptown members, korean american MC’s Chan, Maniac, and Swings, along with veteran member Chris Jung released a repackaged version of their album last month. This went completely under the radar for me but our good friends at ARW posted up the music video today. The song is entitled ‘Baby Baby’. Honestly I think it’s just aight. […]

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New Uptown video released for 흑기사

The video for Uptown’s latest reincarnation (now featuring Maniac, Chan, and Swings along with long standing member Chris Jung) was released last week. It’s a pretty standard video really. Although I was somewhat impressed with Chan’s ability to flow in Korea. Although I’ll be 100% honest and say I felt his stateside releases a lot […]

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Chan joins Uptown in Korea

Chan, one of the first Asian-American hip hop artists to get some decent exposure has seemingly did a reverse cross over and is now pursuing a career in Korea. It looks like he has joined the reincarnation of classic hip-hop group Uptown, with their album set to drop March 12th. I heard it as a […]

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