WTF: Utada Hikaru – Piano Melodies

Welcome to another Weekly Thursday Freebie. This week I thought it’d be appropriate to offer a lesser known offerering of the artist that was most recently reviewed by us, Utada Hikaru.

We bring you Piano Melodies. Piano interpretations of some of Utada’s earlier hits. Now I’ll be completely honest and say I have no idea if this is an official Utada sanctioned release, or who did the tracking and instrumentation but regardless it’s a beautiful listen worth checking out. There is a volume 2 somewhere out there but I don’t have it.

As always you know where to find the link and tracklisting… after the jump.

  1. Automatic
  2. Another Chance
  3. In My Room
  4. Movin on without you
  5.  Never Let Go
  6.  Amai Wana ~ Paint It, Black
  7. time will tell  
  8. B & C 
  9.  Give Me a Reason
  10. First Love 

Get it HERE.

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