Jaebeom x Local Seattle News

So, I’ve refrained from writing about Korean-American Jaebeom leaving (being forced out of?) KPOP 2PM and all the drama that followed. While I do admit it was a rather large and complex ordeal, I think nearly every aspect of the situation is rediculously blown out of proportion, including everyone’s reactions to the group. But I saw this little […]

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Rook Spits Verse From Jail

Rook, who has been behind bars some time now, wants to make sure everyone knows he hasn’t lost a thing. A recording of him spitting a verse over the phone has been posted to his myspace. Given the situation, the quality is understandably pretty bad but Rook still demonstrates he’s hungry and won’t stop till […]

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Vienna Teng to Make a Live Album

Vienna Teng has announced that she will be putting together a live album using recordings from two upcoming shows in December. If you would like to be a part of this experience make sure to attend the following shows: Thursday 3 Dec 2009 NEW YORK, NY Joe’s Pub 7:30pm & 9:30pm Sunday 20 Dec 2009 […]

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