Jazmin Covers ‘Love Rollercoaster’

It’s been quite some time since Jazmin released a new youtube cover, but here they are with a new video singing ‘Love Rollercoaster’ by MIMS &  Letoya Luckett. As always they sound & look great though I could have done without the instrumental playing in the background. It was kind of distracting. Other than that I have no complaints. […]

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Rain (Bi) Interview w/ CNN

International celebrity Rain had an interview a couple days ago with CNN. I haven’t had the chance to check it out yet but you can do so over at OMGKPOP. Here’s their recap of the interview: In the interview, Rain says that his mom passed away when he was 18 and she always wished him […]

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Bella Interviewed by WWS

The young Pop singer was interviewed last month by the online edition of Worldwide West Side magazine. It’s a fairly short interview but if you don’t know who Bella is then it should get you relatively caught up to speed. Here’s a preview: Tell me something we don’t already know about you. I just dyed my […]

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