WTF: Music Stimulus Package

Everyone loves free music. Whether or not it helps or hurts an artist is an entirely different discussion entirely. But when the artist offers the music up for free, who can argue with that!? For This Week’s Thursday Freebie I’ve gone through our archives and have posted up many of the songs, albums & mixtapes that artists have posted up throughout 2009. Some links take you to file hosting sites, some can be downloaded straight from the link, since I didn’t originally post up the links I have no control over the delivery medium =P.

These were officially released for free by the artists themselves, so if you’re a fan BP & Odds, Decipher, Dumbfoundead, EyeAsage, Jimmy Boi, Johnnyphlo, J. Reyez, Kato, Lyrics Born, Magnetic North, Taiyo Na, Conchita Campos, Paul Dateh, Roscoe Umali, Sci, Shogunna, or Triangle Offense and missed any of these releases than by all means help yourself!

Note, some of these tracks can also be found on the a-Tunes Mix Vol: 1, which is not an official release.

Links after the jump. Enjoy!

BP & Odds – Ultra Magnetics; Ultra Magnetics Instrumental; The Premium Mixtape (Mix, The Medium, The Gift)

Decipher – There She Goes

Dumbfoundead – Peter Pan Complex (Lilly Allen Remix)

EyeAsage – Married to the Hustle Mixtape; MRSHMLO

Jimmy Boi – I Do It For the Hustlaz Mixtape

Johnnyphlo – Just a Friend; The Notebook

J. Reyez – One Step Closer Mixtape

Kato – T.I.M.E. Vol. 1 Mixtape

Lyrics Born ft Lateef the Truthspeaker – Pushed Aside, Pulled Apart

Magnetic North & Taiyo Na ft Conchita Campos – Summertime

Paul Dateh – Blame Drew’s Cancer; Self Titled Album 

Roscoe Umali feat. One Block Radius & 1st Place – Never Fallin’; Never Fallin’ Instrumental

Sci – Sci: Year One [The Collection]

Shogunna – Yo Rida; Signed 2 the Streets; Free Hip-Hop; Last Man Standing 2

Triangle Offense – TGIF

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