WTF: a-Tunes Mix Vol1 – Summer Break

This marks a special edition of Weekly Thursday Freebies as  we are presenting what is hoped to be the first of many releases to come in a series uncreatively titled ‘a-Tunes Mix’. In short, the a-Tunes Mixes are going to be digital mixtapes comprised of music released by Asian/Asian-American artists here in the states. These mixes should fit on a standard 80 min CD when burned and/or play on the media player of your choice.

The main purpose of this project is to promote artists you wouldn’t normally hear in mainstream media and increase their exposure because they truly do deserve it. In no way are these mixes meant to undermine or serve as a substitution to actually supporting these artists by buying their music. In fact, it is meant to encourage all of you to find new artists you really enjoy and show your support. That being said,  if there any artist(s) or members of their staff who are reading this and object to their inclusion, then please let me know (giftedthought at gmail) and I will respectfully leave you out of future releases.

Now, with all the information and disclaimers out of the way… a-Tunes is proud to present the ‘a-Tunes Mix Vol. 1: Summer Break’. I know the summer season is rapidly winding down, and many of you will find yourselfs back at your fine educational institutions soon (if you haven’t already). However, that doesn’t mean we still can’t appreciate some fun, catchy music. All the songs included on this mix were released in roughly the past yr (given a couple exceptions), and are light and infectious enough to simpley relax and enjoy like it’s summer break all over again.


You can find the tracklist, links to the artists, and link to DL all after the jump!


  1. Far East Movement – Girls on the Dance Floor ft 24/8
  2. Wonder Girls – Nobody
  3. Zee Avi – Bitter Heart
  4. Johnnyphlo – Just a Friend
  5. Tim Be Told – Analyze
  6. BoA – I Did It For Love ft Sean Garrett
  7. Lyrics Born – Pushed Aside, Pulled Apart ft Lateef the Truthspeaker
  8. Calista Wu – Belong to You
  9. Kina Grannis & David Choi – My Time With You
  10. Roscoe Umali – Never Fallin’ ft One Block Radius
  11. Paul Dateh – Untitled #1
  12. Decipher – There She Goes
  13. Utada – Come Back to Me
  14. Jennifer Chung – Common, Simple, Beautiful
  15. Deep Foundation – Never Forget ft Ashley Robles
  16. Shogunna – Yo Rida
  17. Oak & Gorski – One Last Thought
  18. Se7en – Girls ft Lil Kim
  19. David Choi – Won’t Even Start
  20. Kero One – When the Sunshine Comes ft Ben Westbeech
  21. Jacqueline Chun – Alleluia

Get a-Tunes Mix Vol. 1: Summer Break HERE.

Thank you to all the artists for creating great music, whether they know they are on this mix or not. And to all the fans out there, please remember to continue supporting them!

9 thoughts on “WTF: a-Tunes Mix Vol1 – Summer Break

    1. cause it reminds me of summer and a lot of asian people like it?

      i dunno, i don’t really have a good reason other than i was running out of ideas and time =)

  1. I remember downloading this sometime ago (linked from Bump This probably). I loooooooved it :). I immediately fell in love with some of the artists. I even referred my friends to it. I was searching for it and ended up exploring your site (you have another loyal reader now, haha ^^). So, I wanted to thank you for this awesome mix. I really hope a Vol. 2 will be out soon ^^.

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