Kristine Sa Releases (Old) New Song – “A Song Of Faith”

Kristein Sa has released another old but perviously unheard demo song entitled ‘A Song of Faith’. She stated:

This was written and recorded about 3 or 4 years ago, I believe. This exact recording was the first take of the song, recorded in my bedroom, on my laptop, and I kept as a demo/rough. It’s no where near being finished for release but I wanted to share it because I figured maybe that’s how these songs should be heard, in their first form. It’s late right now and I’m not even sure if I’ll keep the song up. Tomorrow morning I might be insecure about this exact recording and remove it! hehe. But until then, here it is.

– Kristine
[Nov. 2nd, 2009 – Midnight-ish]

I hope she decides to leave it up because I thought it was a beautiful song. And I agree, there’s a certain geniune quality to first takes that can’t be easily reproduced sometimes.

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