Natalise Interview w/ Asian Talent Online

Singer Natalise has a new interview up with Asian Talent Online. It’s definetly a great read as they get into a lot of aspects of being an indie artist and how she chooses to best represent herself in the crazy music industry.

Here’s an interesting quote:

Q. You are the second most famous person to be profiled on ATO (number one is legendary Filipino singer Tillie Moreno) and yet a Google search of your name pulls up enough pages to suggest you’re in the megastar league.  You must certainly be the poster child for effective viral marketing as well as the modern model for smart promotion.   Precisely how did you achieve this? HAHA… megastar league, huh? Well thank you – I will take that as a compliment.  I am a little embarrassed to say that there hasn’t ever been an official “viral marketing” campaign in place. I take things step by step, really. It’s more of being real and interactive with fans online, whether it is through MySpace or Facebook, and now on Twitter. I keep up with mail and requests everyday, as well. And I think people respond to others who are genuine. I certainly do, so I would think others feel the same way.

I have been fortunate to have great fans who like me enough to tell their friends, and their friends tell more friends, etc. So there seems to be sort of an underground following. But in terms of the many articles and such, I have been always lucky in that people have been interested in the music and who I am as a person, my background and such. Just like you – who contacted me on MySpace, many newspapers and magazines have done the same.

Make sure to check out the rest over at ATO!

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