WTF: Full Measure – Be My Reality

So I thought I’d offer something different for you all this Week’s Thursday Freebie. This track is called Be My Reality by an acapella group called Full Measure from the University of Pennsylvania. I don’t know a whole lot about this group other than that they are a christian acapella group that more often that not is comprised of many talented asian-american vocalists.

This track was sent to me by a friend back when I was in college and it remains one of my favorite acapella songs to this date. Given the background of the group, the song is faith based but I encourage you to give it a listen either way.

You can find this song on their album ‘Not for Nothing’.


This song was written by Isaac Choi and arranged by Oliver Chiang. Isaac is also the featured soloist on the track. I don’t have a preview though you can check out some of their newer material on their youtube channel. Since this song was done back in 2002 I couldn’t find any footage of it. It should be a quick download though.

Interested? Find the link after the jump!

Get it HERE.

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