Taiyo Na x Magnetic North Interview w/ AAtheory/Seoulbeats

Ellie from AAtheory/SB sat down with Magnetic North & Taiyo Na for another episode of EMT (Ellie Meets Talent). They all got to chat while on set for the Music Video shoot for ‘Summertime‘. A lot of topics are covered here so don’t miss this one.

Ellie Meets Talent, EMT, is back with another episode featuring the always handsome Taiyo Na and the talented duoMagnetic North. Reigning from the West Coast, T and Direct got together to form Magnetic North back in 2003 and it’s only looked up from there. The hip hop group,  known for their “mix of refreshingly honest rhymes and organic beats,” are definitely AA forces to be reckoned with. Fast forward 6 years later, and the emcees have garnered respect, fans, and love from all over the country. Watch out for their new album to be released in late 2009.

Born and raised in the great City of New York, Taiyo Na, is a singer, songwriter, MC, producer, and spoken word poet. His debut album, “Love is Growth” received much acclaim with Okayplayer.com writing, “establishes himself as a multidimensional talent with a unique creative voice that fuses the rhythms of the city that raised him with the soul of the Asian immigrant culture that birthed him.” But don’t be fooled by his pretty boy looks, this AA artist is one of the most respected artists on our neck of the woods and exudes talent every time he hits a mic.

Na and Magnetic North have collaborated in the past, but expect their music video for “Summertime” to drop summer 2010. Our team was lucky enough to sit with the talented threesome to talk music, collaborations, crushes, and more. All here on the 3rd episode of “EMT.”

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