Update on Rin on the Rox Breakup

You may recall how we reported that Rin on the Rox appears to have broken up … well they have been quiet since the announcement until Rin finally released a statement.

Here is what Rin posted up on her youtube description for her latest video:

FYI: Roxanne and I are still the best of friends =], Roxanne does not have her own channel, I only made this account for fun nothing too serious, I dont want to go solo just singing and posted vids for you guys =], Rin on the rox is on a break…I can’t say if it’s permanant or if were coming back to YouTube…we’ll see what happens…we love you guys and thank you guys so much for still supporting us.

It’s good to hear that they are still close although the question still remains what is to become of their career as a group. As for her latest cover, meh… not really feeling this one. She sang it well but it was all too karoake for me.

Why do I sound like Simon Cowell? haha

18 thoughts on “Update on Rin on the Rox Breakup

    1. ouchhhh hahaha. i think one of them is definitely better than the other but either way I can’t deny they are somewhat entertaining, at least at a Youtube level

    2. no way!
      obviously u have NO taste in music.
      they were great singers, and i find it sad that they broke up and i hope that they get back 2gether because they were very entertaining and talented.

    3. umm yes they are good….matter a fact amazing!! I swear I cannot haters like grow up and stop hating….didn’t anyone ever tell you if you dont have anything nice to say, dont say it at all.>:/ I love them and hope they get back together soon 🙂

      P.s. YOUR A CYBERBULLY >:/


  1. omg u all r just low life losers they r awesum and uf u cnt see that then ur just plain old stupid they still r friends i went 2 college wit dem and now wen we hang out they still act like best frends and they still sing together they sang in front of me THE VERY FIRST VIDEO i no them they would NEVER break up this is cumin from there BFF in 2011

  2. Well it stinks that Rin on the Rox had to break up. Or as they say “take a break” still I kind of take that as probably just going to come back if they feel like it or not. I mean if they choose to move on, good for them I wish them the best.

    Oh, and to the haters, please keep your rude comments to yourself. If you don’t like them, then why waste your time posting on here in the first place? You show that you have nothing better to do with your life then HATE. Ever heard of the phrase “If you’ve got nothing nice to say, don’t say anything.”

    And don’t go replying to my comment insulting me trying to back yourself up, it’ll just make you look even more like a complete ass.

    Anyways, much love to these girls. They are very talented.

  3. I really hope that they get back together because they are really good. I hope it’s just temporary. I really don’t want then to be broken up forever.

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