Cathy Nguyen x Andrew Garcia Cover ‘This Christmas’

Not to be outdone by the AJ x Kina collab, Cathy & Andrew have done a little something of their own. Of course with the holiday season quickly approaching, holiday music is creeping its way in and they have covered Chris Brown’s cover of Donny Hathaway’s “This Christmas”.

Andrew really shined hear but Cathy held her own. It was a fun collab as these two goofy singers got into the Christmas spirit.’s NEVER too early to sing CHRISTMAS songs! haha

so here’s andrew & i covering chris brown’s cover of donny hathaway’s “this christmas” we hope you enjoy!

we didn’t get to spend much time to work on a more decent cover, [actually more like doing a bunch of takes, so we can post up some ridiculous bloopers for you all], but we hope you enjoy it regardless! =]

ps. i know this wasn’t my best & i was strugging & off at parts, but andrew did amazing & we can’t deny his talent! whoo!

..AND also, we want to wish everyone a lovely & blessed Thanksgiving & holiday season this year! we are truly grateful & thankful for all your love & support!

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