New Conchita Campos Album – ‘No One Really Knows’ Now Available

Wow, this one completely slipped under my radar but better late than never I suppose. Conchita Campos (you may remember her from last season’s “Summertime” where she featured for Magnetic North & Taiyo Na) released a new album last month entitled “No One Really Knows”. I’ve only heard bits and pieces but I’m liking what I hear so far. It’s got a real indie/bluesy/soul rock kinda vibe to it. Like Norah Jones meets Fiona Apple or something. Anyways it’s available on iTunes & CD Baby so go support her!


  1. Lately
  2. Changes
  3. Now and Then
  4. Breathe
  5. Meaningless Things
  6. Explicit Silverline
  7. Not Today
  8. On and On
  9. Ease My Mind

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