WongFu x AJ Rafael MV In the Works


Yep, that’s right ladies and gentlemen… Wong Fu productions will be working w/ AJ Rafael to give him their special music video treatment. Phil of Wong Fu hits us with a teaser only saying that the video will be of one of the following songs: ‘I Just Want You‘, ‘MidKnight‘, or ‘When We Say (Juicebox)’. If I had to guess I’d say it’s ‘I Just Want You’ simply because its a major single for AJ and he may want to build off that momentum. Same time I know he’s interested in getting exposure for MidKnight so… I guess I really don’t have a clue.

Regardless a-Tunes is looking forward to it!

Here’s what Phil had to say:

The year is coming to an end, but things are busy as ever here for us as we prepare for projects next year. From the webseries with Kevin, to new toys and tshirts, and now…planning new music videos.
Last night I sat down with AJ Rafael (Wes and Ted couldn’t make it). We actually met AJ for the first time a few months ago. We’re flattered to know that after seeing the video we made for David Choi he really wanted to seek us out for an MV of his own. And even crazier, he saw the video “Drift Away” that we did for Magnetic North 3 yrs ago, because he’s actually friends with Derek from MN, but he didn’t realize it was done by us.

AJ doesn’t need any introduction really because he’s already incredibly loved out there on the internet by a bajillion fans, but for those who don’t know, AJ is a singer/songwriter/artist who’s definitely up there in the ranks of youtube musicians, with over 100,000 subscribers and millions of views…
AJ’s got some amazing covers…this is actually one of my recent favorites which he did w/ some friends.

Anyway, the news is…we’ve got a Wong Fu x AJ Rafael collab in the works, and it’ll be to one of those 3 original songs up there. Wonder which one it’ll be??? (Sorry your vote doesn’t count, we’ve already decided, hehe). More updates as things develop, but yeah, just thought I’d share that w/ you all.

Btw, special cool points to any local ppl who can tell from the pic where we met.

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