Showdown: Jessica Sanchez vs Ashley Robles

For this edition of Showdown we got two r&b heavyweight divas ambitiously covering Alicia Keys and her contribution to Jay-Z’s ‘Empire State of Mind’. Some of you may know Jessica Sanchez as a young singer who has proven that she’s got a voice well beyond her age. In the other corner we have Ashley Robles, a veteran vocalist working to make a name for herself. So who came out on top in this showdown? You decide!

Jessica Sanchez

Ashley Robles

In my opinion, neither could quite compare with the exceptional Alica, but overall I think Ashley’s experience gave her a little more polish and control. While it’s clear Jessica has some pipes, her vocal felt a little too forced for me. Agree? Disagree? Tell us with your votes!

8 thoughts on “Showdown: Jessica Sanchez vs Ashley Robles

  1. Ashley has never stopped to amaze me with her astonishing and electrifying talent. She’ll always be my hero and my angel in the world of homegrown music. Long live ASHLEY ROBLES! AND GOD BLESS!

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