Priscilla Ahn x KoreAm Live Show Posted

KoreaAm has put together another live chat session/broadcast show, this time featuring the amazingly talented Priscilla Ahn. The show was hosted by Big Phony (who had his own show a couple months back) and included guest musician Wendy Wang of The Sweet Hurt. I was only able to catch a short part of it last night but they’ve thankfully posted the show in it’s entirety for you to stream. I’m loving how much easier it is to connect artists and fans these days.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Last night’s web show with Priscilla Ahn was magical. Her voice was heavenly and her sweet, giggly personality was infectious. I have a girl-crush, I’ll admit it. She had me at “curmudgeon-y.”

If you couldn’t catch the live performance, you can replay it in its entirety right here. (You can also access it from our KoreAm LIVE page at any time.) The most breathtaking song, in my opinion, was “Holy, Holy, Holy,” which Priscilla played with Big Phony and The Sweet Hurt. Scroll to about 00:46:00 to listen. Like I said, magical.

Just wanted to thank all the talented people for making this show possible (these live chats appear super casual but they’re actually run by a pretty massive crew): the wonderful Priscilla Ahn (of course), our rockstar host Big Phony, vocalist/keyboardist Wendy Wang of The Sweet Hurt, the team at Future Rockstars of America, Peter of My Ninja Clothing and Charles and Justin of The Mighty Fifty. I know people always say, “We couldn’t have done it without you” but we really couldn’t have done it without you.

Cheers everyone!

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