Jane Lui Covers ‘Love Sex Magic’ by Ciara x Justin Timberlake

This is easily one of my favorite covers I’ve seen recently simply because Jane doesn’t just cover ‘Love Sex Magic’, she practically recreates it. This girl has so much creativity in her, just check out how she creates some of the sounds and instrumentation in this video. Also, I love how she’s goofy enough to leave in her goof up on the lyrics in the 2nd verse. Best of all, she’s offering the recording as a free DL from her website.

Good stuff.

FINALLY. Good Grief.
FREE MP3 at http://www.JaneLui.com !!! Scroll down a bit on the site.
Currently not performing as much due to RECOOORRDDDING!!!! so see you here.
Thanks for being patient with me, its been a crazy year.
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