Seriously Releases TWO Music Videos and an Interview w/ EMT

It’s a big news day for the band Seriously as they dropped not one, but TWO brand new music video versions for their popular recently released single ‘Immaculate Addiction’. It doesnt end there, Ellie of AAtheory/Seoulbeats has posted up her recent interview with the group as well!

Here’s version 1 of their video:

SERIOUSLY “Immaculate Addiction” MV by Ralph Agrarap (FIDM)

And now version 2:

SERIOUSLY “Immaculate Addiction” by Katie Mead (FIDM)

Personally I’m feeling the 2nd version by Katie Mead much more. While both MV’s are similar in tone and style, Katie’s version makes the retro stylistic choices seem much more deliberate and planned than Ralph’s version, which seemed more accidental. I have no clue whether or not either situation is true but I def enjoyed Katie’s version more.

Lastly, here is the interview they had with Ellie! It’s a silly/fun watch =)

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