WTF: Likwifakshun AKA LWP – Land With Three Sides

What’s going on a-Tunes!? It’s Christmas Eve and I’m at my parent’s house but I couldnt neglect our Weekly Thusday Freebie!

You may have caught my list of top 10 tracks by Asian American artists from the past decade, but if not just know the number one song was by a hip-hop collective known as Likwifakshun aka Likwit Productions aka LWP. They had a few group tracks and a number of solo joints but one of my favorites to this day is the song ‘Land With Three Sides’ (a reference to the Korean peninsula). The MC’s on this track are Lonstar, J-General, Noose, and JGiM though those weren’t the only 4 members of the collective.

Back in 2003 they had the nearly unanimous respect of the Asian-American hip-hop community and justifiably so. Even though the scene has progressed so far since then, their songs have lasted the test of time and still breaks my neck to this day. So grab a piece of AA music history and enjoy your holiday everyone!

Merry Christmas and God Bless.

Check the download link after the jump =).

Get it HERE.

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