Tablo x MYK Release ‘For the Kids’ MV & Single

Tablo & MYK have teamed up to release a new single called ‘For the Kids’ along with an MV. The video is a quick, low budget piece shot all in one day. The two MCs spit over the beat to “Passin’ Me By” by Pharcyde and although its nothing fancy its some good old fashioned hip-hop. Oh, and the track is available for download, completely free of charge.

Lyrics after the jump.

Tablo & MYK – For the Kids
(Instrumental: Pharcyde – Passin’ Me By)

Lyrics by Tablo & MYK

life is a mystery in all shapes, sizes and angles

from crop circles to Bermuda triangles

the fate of the world is shaky like bike handles

in the final hour, even some demons die angels

what’s true is true isn’t what you think it is

when the real world is a bad dream like incubus

triple X, triple Z, it’s the same damn thing

you get f***ed if your eyes are closed when the alarm rings

sing, passin’ the mic back and forth, forth and back

broke emcees, choke emcees who can’t afford to rap

or choose to stay hungry, imma stay hungry

free-fall, bounce back like it was a bungee

I snap back like a slingshot

bring hotness, yes, no stress cleanin’ up this mess

in this hiphop-ness I found my niche
let that b**ch breathe

remember rap when it used to be fun as hell?
remember rap like it was with Big Pun and L?

who cares about East or West or the dirty South
when you’ve got no diamonds in your dirty mouth?

it’s a burning house, hip hop goin’ poof

no wonder everybody wants to raise the roof

I see proof everyday that seekin’ heaven is bleak
I see proof everyday like Eminem in his sleep

the devil is deep water, kid, and nobody is stoppin’ ya
slip a toe in, in you go like slavia

silly rap sessions, thoughtless wordplay

hip hop nerds stay poem sketchin’

a coloring book for the philosophers

I lost a verse, and this is its half-assed rendition

I spit rhymes just to pass the time

and if life is just a brainstorm, then I’m a mastermind

always last in line, cause I don’t care enough

but when my time comes, best believe that I tear shit up

this is for you kids who don’t wanna be a businessman

this is for you kids who don’t have a damn business plan

let me see two in the sky, guy, one for the living

stay fly, high, one for the music in ‘I’

two for the good life

keep the champagne sittin’ in the freezer on the block of that cool ice

stay nice, eskimo cool flow

I say why you gotta be testin’ a dude yo?

stop guessin’ at clues, you’ll be destined to lose

yeah we fresh when we move and we blessed in the booth

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