Kat Badar x Cathy Nguyen x Jenny Suk x Jasmine Rafael Team Up to Form BLYSS

Four very talented individual sings have teamed up to form the girl group BLYSS. Composed of Kat Badar, Cathy Nguyen, Jenny Suk, and Jasmine Rafael (sister to AJ Rafael) this group has decided to take their youtube singing swag and throw it together to create a super group of sorts.

They start things off by covering the very difficult song ‘Emotions’ by Destiny’s Child. So how did they do?

To sum it up they did a good job but not FANTASTIC. There’s a lot of talent here but I think there are a couple minor kinks to work out. It’s possible they just chose a nearly impossible song to cover but it just lacked that extra X factor, though I expect them to get there very soon. Looking forward to seeing this group take the YT world by storm!

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