The Throwback Covers Youtube Round-Up

Hello again. Today we have batch of throwback covers for your listening/viewing enjoyment courtesy of our artists and their Youtube accounts. Now, when we say throwback we mean songs that have to be well over a decade old. So anything pre-2000 goes, definitely nothing newer. Now, it’s be expected that some will appreciate some songs […]

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The Holiday Cover Round-Up Part 7

Aaaaaand Christmas is finally upon us so we’re bringing you the latest and likely final batch of Christmas covers that have graced the ‘Tube. A few new voices this time around along with some familiar repeat artists. We at a-Tunes would like to extend a very Merry Christmas to all of our readers and hope […]

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The Holiday Cover Round-Up Part 5

Less than a week left til Christmas… bring on the covers! It’s our 5th Holiday round-up with appearances by Lily Bee, Jayesslee, Kat Badar, TNB, Erin Kim, Megan Lee, and Verseatile. Get your egg nog ready and munch on some candy canes cause there’s a good amount of music here. Enjoy! Lily Bee Covers “A […]

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APAHM Fest 2011 @ GMU – 5/14

Our partner Helping Hands is helping throw an incredible show at George Mason University – APAHM Fest 2011; a Tsunami Relief Concert. It’s set to take place May 14th 2011 and features an incredible line-up including JRA, Sam Ock, David Lee, Ivy Rose, Keshia Lee, Alvin Tan, Alan Deperio, Kat Badar, Ajnin Precizion, Mitchell Grey, […]

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