Johnnyphlo’s “Basic Strategy” Album Officially Released

After thanking all his supporters at his album released party, Johnnyphlo goes on to announce that his debut full-length album ‘Basic Strategy‘ has been officially released today.

The album is on sale for $10 via paypal but 50% of the proceeds will go towards the relief efforts in Haiti. It will also be available via different online retailers in the near future.

Like I explain in the video blog, I’m going to donate 50% of my sales to Haiti. I’ve never been the type to really go out of my way to help the others around the world. I was always caught up in my own life and lives of those around me that I never bothered to look around to help those that’s really, really in need. With everything that’s happened for me for the past year or so, I just feel so blessed and felt like it was only right to give it back to the world, no matter how small it may be. Also to be honest, I did feel like it will motivate some of you to purchase the album to support the cause. It ain’t about the money. It’s more important to me that you listen to my music and I hope you can feel better knowing that part of what you pay for will go to help those in need!

If the album is as strong as the singles he’s dropped so far, it should be a great listen. We’ll have a review for you as well soon.

Tracklist after the jump:

  1. Basic Strategy feat. Viruss 44, EXP & DJ Zo
  2. Phone Call [Narration by Miree Park] (Skit)
  3. Too Late feat. James Ha
  4. Rollercoaster feat. Ailee
  5. Live Your Life [니 멋대로]
  6. One of the Best feat. Decipher, Manifest, JL & Lyricks (Original Version)
  7. Don’t Phase Me feat. Lyricks
  8. Biggest Influence [Interview w. S Radio] (Skit)
  9. 내 안에 있으니 [03.03.2009]
  10. Top of the World feat. Schoolboy Duke
  11. Just a Friend
  12. 내 꺼
  13. Be feat. Shogunna
  14. Once Again feat. Sam Ock
  15. One Day feat. Decipher

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